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פרויקט אמץ סבא

אגודת הסטודנטים בעברית - הר הצופים, ירושלים

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הרשמה לניוזלטר



As part of the project, students visit an older person once a week in his or her house for a one-hour get-together.

  The students are encouraged to participate in diverse activities such as learning computer skills, document life stories, practice art or music, taking short walks, etc.

  However, each pair plan their own meetings according to their own desires and capabilities.     

To combat the pressing issue of loneliness within the elderly community through the help of students. 

  To support inter-generational relationships in Israeli society and culture. 

  Creating meaningful relationships between the elders and students, and thus, help alleviate loneliness.

  To increase students' involvement with the elderly, and enhance students' awareness to the community needs.

  To expand "Adopt a Saba" to every campus in Israel.    


More than 800,000 elderly people live in Israel. Among them are holocaust survivors, people who are homebound, individuals who have no family left.

  While the majority of Israel's elderly live well and are surrounded by family and friends, some suffer from severe loneliness and a strong unmet desire for human company.  

  "Adopt a Saba" connects between this subset of the elderly community and young students who wish to volunteer and contribute to their society.


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