The volunteers visit the elderly on a weekly basis for an hour
or two, share stories and engage on mutual hobbies and activities. Moreover,
the project is designed to create a community which brings together the lonely
elderly people and the students. We hold events on special occasions and holidays, like Hanukkah and the Holocaust Memorial Day, on which all
participants spend the special day together in joint activities. Both sides often feel that the relationship is significant and frequently want to continue the
regular meetings beyond the scope of the project.

We aim to become a nation-wide model for intergenerational care, recognized by the professional welfare community as an effective apparatus for dealing
with individual elderly loneliness in society.

Our dream is that eventually, every campus in Israel will have the Adopt a Saba project.
The organization will become a leading option for voluntary activity for students who will equally gain satisfaction and enrichment from the interaction
and strengthen the intergenerational connection in the community.


Adopt a Saba is an intergenerational social community project, aiming to
reduce loneliness among elderly people by connecting them with university students living in the same residential area for weekly personal meetings and special activities along the year. The project creates a platform for intergenerational connections allowing a two-way meaningful experience for both the elderly and the students participants.


Run by students accompanied by seven board members, Adopt a Saba is a non profit organization.

To fulfill our dream we choose to focus across the country on various sectors of elderly; Holocaust survivors in Beer-Sheva, Druze in Haifa, ultra orthodox
in Jerusalem and economic periphery in Afula.

During the last decade over 1,500 pairs of students and elders have been participating, spending time together and dissolving loneliness in elders  in 8 academic institutions
across 5 major cities in Israel: Jerusalem, Beer-Sheba, Haifa, Rehovot and Afula.

What we do

With the Encouragements & the Support of the Matanel Foundation


פרויקט אמץ סבא

אגודת הסטודנטים בעברית - הר הצופים, ירושלים

הרשמה לניוזלטר

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