Tens of thousands of elderly Israelis are asked to stay alone in their homes, we ensure they aren't alone and make sure their needs are taken care of!

$50 can help us to alleviate the loneliness of one elderly person for a full year

For donations of other amounts or for any further questions please contact us:


Donations can also be made by way of direct bank transfer:

Nifgashim - the Association for Strengthening Young - Elderly Connection (association number- 580663854)

Account number: 160040614

Discount Bank Israel, branch 147, Dizingof, Tel Aviv

Thousands of elderly are asked to stay home alone during Corona virus days.

We won't let them be left behind alone! 

Adopt a Saba (Grandparent) pairs student volunteers with elderly participants. 

The volunteers call the seniors, make sure they have everything they need, help if something is missing, and mainly talk with them, providing companionship and combatting loneliness and depression.

We won't leave anyone behind.

Increasing our activity is important today more than ever.

This is how we worked pre-crisis: